Over And Over

No, we are not going to be talking about the song by the DC5. We’re instead talking about those pesky films so addicting and fabulous that the moment they’re finished, you instantly want to start them over and watch them all the way through again (and sometimes you do). The Magnificent Seven. The good one, … Continue reading Over And Over

Sci-Fi Story Preview!

As you may or may not know, I’m working on another novella now that my Victorian-era one is finished and cooling its heels waiting until I can afford an editor and cover designer (the concept of the starving artist is not a myth, alas). The lowdown on my current WIP is here, where I offer … Continue reading Sci-Fi Story Preview!

The Fandom Favorites Tag

Snurched (I told you I would keep using that word) with no shame whatsoever from The Caffeinated Fangirl. I did get actual permission this time, so I’m not a total fugitive. (I’d like to make some kind of David Janssen joke here, but I lack the brainpower. Anyway.) You are remembered for the rules you … Continue reading The Fandom Favorites Tag

Book Lovers Tag

You know the drill: perusing old blog posts. Stumbled across fun tag. Decided to do said tag. Let us continue. Name a book you’re embarrassed to say you haven’t read yet. Nothing really comes to mind. At this point, if I haven’t read something, it’s because I didn’t want or intend to. Maybe the Divergent … Continue reading Book Lovers Tag


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