Random Favorite Episodes of Random Favorite Shows

I had no inspiration to write on my sci-fi story this week, so I just sat around and watched a lot of TV. Not all the following episodes, I mean (I’m not a total sluggard, though my procrastination abilities are admittedly legendary), but after a really good Stargate session I got the idea to compile a list of shows I enjoyed just enough to mention to fellow human beings. It’s convenient enough there will probably be a part two someday because I like to annoy people by shoving my opinions in their faces. What else was the internet made for?

Stargate Atlantis, Season 1 Episode 3: Thirty-Eight Minutes.

I’m always down for some nice hurt/comfort, and this episode delivers. The plot line ain’t half-bad, either. I’ve watched it a half-dozen times and I still end up on the edge of my seat. Rodney is as melodramatic as ever and John gets to babysit everyone even while getting the life sucked out of him by a giant alien bug. The end scene even manages to be sweet, not cringe-inducing. Nobody does “found family” quite like Stargate.

Gunsmoke, Season 3 Episode 14: Doc’s Reward.

It was then McGarrett realized that Dillon was, alas, too big to book.

I will say it right out before we go any further: I do not like Gunsmoke. But I like Jack Lord. This episode was pretty dang serious, but the poignant ending kind of made me snort. Lord is a nice solid six feet even, probably 6’1″-2″ in cowboy boots. The man is no midget. But he still looks so tiny next to Arness! The good marshal had over half a foot on Hawaii’s finest, and it made the character of Nate look terribly small and scrawny and pathetic just like he was supposed to. Props to Lord for the superbly tormented performance that makes him seem so pitiable and lost, and props to Arness for. . .being tall, I guess.

Mission: Impossible, Season 2 Episode 21: The Town.

Phelps sees something he shouldn’t and gets kidnapped by a group of folks who try to pull off a con when his concerned friends come looking for him, but little do they know that these friends are the masters of con and set in place a con to outcon all cons. Oh, and somebody’s going to get assassinated, so that’s not good.

Stargate SG-1, Season 9 Episode 12: Collateral Damage.

I know it’s a shock to have an episode listed without Richard Dean Anderson, since he kind of is SG-1, but Mitchell holds his own. Nobody can portray emotional torment and suffering like Ben Browder, and best of all: there’s no Vala. She has her good points, I guess (?), but she gets on my nerves. The plot isn’t too crazy in this episode, and I’ll admit I saw the twist coming from about two miles away, but that’s probably because I constantly over-analyze everything and refuse to sit back and enjoy anything I watch. But if I could, I’d watch this episode.

The A-Team, Season 3 Episodes 2-3: Bend in the River (Parts 1&2).

Full disclosure: I like Tawnia even less than I like the entirety of Gunsmoke. I may like her even less than Amy from the earlier seasons, but I’m not sure. But anyhow. This episode is a favorite for several reasons: Barry van Dyke, later to become Steve Sloan in Diagnosis: Murder, guest stars. The shirt Murdock wears is one of my absolute favorites of his. The scenery is gorgeous. Face gets to venture into the realm of physical conflict rather than just smooth-talking his way out of trouble. So what if the annoying Strong Independent Woman has a questionable accent that comes and goes? So what if there are Nazis building a nuclear reactor in the middle of the Amazon? Why not? These are the people who thought Aryans popped out of holes in Tibet. Compared to that, this is positively tame.

Gunsmoke, Season 12 Episode 13: The Moonstone.

Okay, so remember how I said I don’t like Gunsmoke? Well, I don’t, honest. But when they have Tom Skerritt guest starring, I’m bound by law to watch it. He plays the simpleton brother of Mike Kellin (who previously guested with him in Combat!’s Season 3 episode Losers Cry Deal) and he’s absolutely adorable. The entire time you just sort of want to give him a massive hug, and the second half is rife with magnificent Disheveled Skerritt Hairâ„¢. The ending absolutely gutted me, though, fair warning. And I’m sure that blond lady took absolutely every opportunity to pet Skerritt’s hair, because. . .well, I mean, who wouldn’t.

If you don’t want people touching your hair, you shouldn’t make your hair so touchable. That’s all I’m saying. Is that so unreasonable?

I said above there might be a part two, but now I know there’ll definitely be a Part Two (with capital letters and everything) because I just remembered a The Streets of San Fransisco episode I like but am too lazy to put down here. With that being said, I’m clocking out for now. Have you seen any of these episodes? Is Stargate overrated? (Such heresy!) Is my obsession with Tom Skerritt something that will probably require therapy in the near future? Let me know this and more in the comments!


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