The Fandom Favorites Tag

Snurched (I told you I would keep using that word) with no shame whatsoever from The Caffeinated Fangirl. I did get actual permission this time, so I’m not a total fugitive. (I’d like to make some kind of David Janssen joke here, but I lack the brainpower. Anyway.)

You are remembered for the rules you break:

  • Compile a list of up to ten of your favorite fandoms. Books, movies, TV shows—you name it!
  • Tell us about your favorite character in each of those fandoms, along with an explanation of why that character is your favorite. (Your reasoning can be however long or short you’d like it to be.)
  • Tag however many (or few) friends you’d like to participate.
  • Feel free to use the tag graphic Eva-Joy created (but you don’t have to, but I did, because it’s really cool).

Also, there may be a spoiler or two running around in here. I dunno. Let us begin!

Marvel: Hawkeye/Ant-Man

I can’t decide between these two, so I just slapped ’em both down. They’re very similar (though Hawkeye never went to prison or anything except that one time), both being fathers who care deeply, and will do anything, for their family. They’re both average human dudes who hold their own beside super soldiers and aliens and chicks in tight pants. I also always score Hawkeye on every Avengers personality test I ever take, so that helps.

The Underland Chronicles: Ares

I’ve always loved tortured good guys who struggle to redeem themselves, and apparently that is not limited to humans. I also like tortured good guys who are giant sentient bats. Ares was blamed for something he had no part in, and spent the rest of his life trying to make up for it. Eventually he died a hero and whatnot, but that didn’t exactly comfort me very much. He was still dead, dang it.

Combat!: Kirby

Okay, admittedly I love the whole squad. (Except Doc I, but we’ve been over this.) Hanley, when he’s there, is an aloof but good guy. Saunders is legendary. Billy and Littlejohn are, um, Billy and Littlejohn, with whatever that entails. Everyone needs someone as steadfast and morally upright as Caje and Doc in their lives. But Kirby, for all his complaining and skirt-chasing and goldbricking, won my heart. He’s just so genuine, with all the flaws and facets that brings. To be fair, I started in Season 2, so I was immune to how annoying he was in Season 1 when I got around to watching it. Plus his friendship with Caje is awesome.

Mission: Impossible: Paris

Have you seen Paris? Have you? This is not something that should have to be explained. In my insular world as a kid, Nimoy was just Spock, nobody else. Then I saw guest roles here and there, bit parts that didn’t exactly show off his acting skills. He was good in The Untouchables, in Man From U.N.C.L.E., in that episode of The Rebel where he just runs around panicked the entire time. But then I got to see dashing, agile-minded Paris with his easy smile and I was absolutely sold. He’s not a very deep character—nobody in M:I is—but he impersonates so many different people and switches so effortlessly between them all. (In a way, the shallowness of M:I is advantageous for the imaginative fan. You’re free to think up backstories and details for your favorite character without worrying if it’s canon or not.) Besides, he’s Leonard friggin’ Nimoy, and that’s good enough for me.

Star Wars: Kylo Ren

I know, it shocks me too. When it comes to Star Wars I’m very “meh” as a whole; I watched the original three on VHS when I was, like, 7, and it was waaaaay too boring and complicated for me to care about. I still liked Han Solo okay, because he was a Dashing Rogue™. Watching all the episodes now, I don’t like Han quite as much, and the Disney trilogy made me cry tears of blood, but its one saving grace was Kylo Ren. The “redeemed villain” character is a trope I will never grow tired of, and Adam Driver was masterful in carrying it out. They did Kylo/Ben so unbelievably dirty at the end of the sequels, but hopefully it means he won’t be back later and I’ll have a reason not to watch any new movies.

Narnia: Edmund Pevensie

When I was growing up and falling in love with both the Narnia books and films, everywhere I looked people loved Lucy. I get that, I really do. Lucy is an example of perfect faith and optimism. She believes when no one else can or will. But I didn’t like Lucy, I liked Edmund. Edmund was more real: he was cynical, selfish, he screwed up, and yes, he was just plain stupid. He made one of the biggest mistakes you can make, and he still redeemed himself. I related to that a lot more.

Blue Bloods: Danny Reagan

I started this show for Tom Selleck and stayed for Tom Selleck, but Donnie Wahlberg was a nice bonus. I love the family dynamic of it, too, so much so I’d probably watch it even if I hated everybody in it. Poor Danny, with his Irish temper, would do well in the 1870s when you could still sock people in the face and get away with it, but in a world where you can get accused of assault if you so much as breathe in someone’s direction—no matter how much they deserve being generally breathed at—he gets in trouble a lot. But he’s a man of action, bless him, and he changes his moral code for no man.

Lord of the Rings: Boromir

This may or may not be influenced by the fact that he’s played by Sean Bean. I mean, he’s Sean Bean. Besides that, I like Boromir for much the same reason as Edmund: he’s real. He means well, he tries his best, but eventually he falls prey to the fact that he’s only human. He gives in to his weakest, basest part. And still, in the end, he rallies his character and redeems himself. And Sean Bean gets to die in another movie.

The Hunger Games: Peeta Mellark

I never understood the Peeta vs. Gale debate after reading the books. I mean, the choice was obvious. Then I watched the movies, saw Gale played by Liam Hemsworth, and it made a bit more sense. But still. Peeta is a sweetheart with only a mild case of stalker syndrome who looks out for Katniss even when she’s oblivious, nasty, or ungrateful. Gale is the childhood best friend, yeah, but he’s also permanently angry at everything. He hates the way things are (admittedly justifiably in his case) and craves a chaotic upheaval to change them. Until then, he’ll never be happy. I know people like that, and they’re absolutely miserable to be around. Before the Games, Katniss is too much like him: headstrong, independent, generally irritable. And afterwards, she’s too much unlike him: vulnerable, unstable, and pretty dang depressed. Peeta, however, went through the same things she did and more. He can understand her, as well as anybody can. Just the fact that he was able to tolerate her not only for five minutes but for the entire trilogy made him my favorite, even if he is 4’9″.

The A-Team: Howling Mad Murdock/Templeton “Faceman” Peck

Everyone needs a friend who will look at them like this.

No, not the movie. Never, ever, ever the movie. What we’re referring to here is the masterful cornfest of the 80s, complete with guns that never kill anyone, female characters that never do anything, and biting wit that never fails. It’s a very difficult tossup between Face and Murdock for me, so I didn’t try to choose one. They’re better together. Face was sort of a prissy boy in the earlier seasons, allergic to manual labor and a well-dressed punching bag in fistfights, but by Season 3 he got better at beating people up. His slick, smooth-talking sass compliments and contrasts Murdock’s crazy smarts and general insanity. Together, they’re almost normal.

I didn’t realize when I started this how nigh on impossible it would be to choose only ten fandoms and only one character from each fandom, and I didn’t even manage the latter criterion. I’ve never scraped up enough people to justify tagging them at the end of a post, and I doubt I ever will, so feel free to try this one out yourself if you’ve made it this far. Tchüss for now!


8 thoughts on “The Fandom Favorites Tag

  1. DUDE. I love this post so much! You mentioned characters that I almost never see mentioned anywhere else.

    I never thought of the similarities between Hawkeye and Ant Man, but you’re totally right. Both normal, ‘unpowered’ guys holding their own alongside some pretty impressive superheroes.

    ARES. My guy. *weeps* My favorite character in the UC is prooobably Howard, but I love Ares (along with so many other characters).

    The very first episode of Combat! I watched was ‘Forgotten Front’, so I did NOT see Kirby at his best. But I’ve come to love him. He’s possibly my second favorite character (after Doc II), though it’s hard to decide.

    NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT PARIS. But you did!!! I actually didn’t grow up watching Star Trek and although I knew that Leonard Nimoy played Spock, he was always Paris first and foremost to me (since I *did* grow up watching M:I Season 4 over and over again). I actually wrote a blog post about Paris a while back–if you search ‘paris’ or ‘mission impossible’ on my blog, it’ll probably pop up.

    Love Kylo. Well, Ben. 😉 I loathed him when I saw The Force Awakens, but his redemption arc won me over.

    Edmund is my favorite Narnia character too!

    Ah, Boromir. Second favorite LOTR character (just after Frodo). Apparently you and I both have a thing for redemption arcs. 😉

    THANK YOU for appreciating Peeta!!! I adore him.

    Thanks for participating in my tag btw! I had so much fun reading through your answers. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I know, I’m just a dark horse when it comes to favorite characters. I have odd tastes. 😂

      I love the “family man” types who are real tough but also have that soft side for their wife and kids, so I drew that comparison fairly quick. Then it occurred to me they’re similar in other ways, too. Probably why I like them both so much.

      At first I felt so weird having a bat as a favorite character, but…he was so fabulous. I do love Howard, too. He was so humble and genuine.

      Ugh, yes. When I finally watched Forgotten Front I was kind of appalled. That wasn’t the Kirby I knew! But it turned out okay, because I got to see him develop from an absolute jerk into the guy we know and love. There’s that pesky redemption arc again. 😉

      I don’t know why! The man deserves to be talked about! The first time I saw him on M:I I actually thought he was a guest star, because it was on TV and I missed the opening credits. It was so weird, seeing him smile and laugh after three years of Spock! Season 4 was definitely my favorite season thanks to him. I’m off to find that article of yours!

      When Kylo was introduced I thought he’d turn out to be interesting. Maybe my redemption radar was fine-tuned that day, or it was just really obvious, but I had a feeling he’d end up an anti-hero of sorts. I’d never been more happy to be right!

      Yes! Edmund and Boromir both need some love. Redemption arcs are awesome.

      But of course. Book Peeta, movie Peeta…both are wonderful, and better than Gale by a long shot!

      Thanks for letting me! I had an absolute blast. This is one of my favorite tags so far, despite the mental anguish of trying to decide between all my favorite characters in all my favorite fandoms!


      1. Haha! I can totally see how it would be weird to see Leonard Nimoy actually…emote, after seeing him as Spock for so long. XD If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend the book ‘Leonard’ by William Shatner. It’s part biography of Leonard Nimoy, but mostly a chronicle of his and Shatner’s friendship. So good! It even makes a brief (very brief) mention of LN’s appearances on Combat!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I was afraid his face would crack for a second there. 😂 It was nice seeing him in stuff like tuxes, though, I’ll admit! I’ve never gotten the chance to read that book, but I’d love to. I’ll see if the library’s got it. It must be thorough if it even mentions Combat!

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  2. What a great tag idea! I would have nearly put the same ones…except for the Star Wars movies that include Kylo Ren.(Insert the triple facepalm meme from Star Trek here) I’d probably replace it with the Anne of Green Gables trilogy, or the Columbo Series. I’m so glad someone else appreciates Combat! , The Chronicles of Narnia, and the A-Team like I do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a lot of fun! I almost didn’t include Star Wars, but I was having so much trouble pinning down which of what I should put that I actually just googled “popular fandoms” and went from there. Pathetic, I know. 😂 Bad as those movies are, the concept of Kylo was a good one, even if the execution was a wee bit rickety. If only I’d remembered Columbo! I might have stuck that in there instead of SW. Next time, maybe. They don’t make things like they used to.

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