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Introducing the generic literature tag banner.

I found this one on Halmette’s Soliloquy, which I highly recommend if you like writing, old shows and movies, or just cool blogs in general.

What genres, styles, and topics do you write about?

I’ve tried a lot of different genres in my day. Comedy, historical, adventure, fantasy, even vampire romances, though that’s a, er, long story. I’d like to say I’m okay at all of them; my only downfall is mystery. I’m trying to change that, however, after seeing a cool writing prompt on Brooke’s blog about detectives. We’ll see if it turns into something other than unadulterated garbage.

I’m not sure what my style is. It’s influenced by two of my favorite series, The Hunger Games and Warriors, I know that much. There’s a lot of natural sarcasm, like the kind you’d find in M*A*S*H*. I can’t think of a term to really pin it down.

For topics, I’m a sucker for those Tony Stark developmental arcs where characters go from being jerks to lesser jerks with hearts of gold. I love anything psychological, too, and fish-out-of-water situations where characters who are different figure out their own ways to fit in.

How long have you been writing?

Too long. In the innocent early days of my childhood I loved to draw and read more than write, and I did a whole lot of both. Somewhere around 9-10 I got bit by the writing bug, though, and started cranking out all kinds of error-riddled, plotless garbage. And here I am today, working toward publishing my first novel. I hope!

Why do you write?

My mind is ridiculously active. I mean that in the worst possible way, like it’s got a constant itch I can never scratch. (Though maybe that’s just the caffeinated coffee I ingest through an IV drip 24/7.) Writing is one of the ways I can soothe it. It’s also just fun to create worlds and characters that I can share with other people. I want them to see things in the magical way I do. As a bonus, if I want to read a story that no one’s written, I’ll just write it myself, I say with appallingly blind confidence. If only it was that easy.

When is the best time to write?

At night. The later, the better. I can hammer something (bad) down any old time, but when it’s dark, quiet, and I have the whole night stretching out ahead of me with nothing to do the next day–that’s when it gets good and the inspiration starts flowing. I’ll write down entire chapters at a time without hardly trying, and then go back in the morning and recoil in primal terror at what I’ve done. It looks so much more coherent when I’m doing it than when I’m rereading it.

Parts of writing you love vs. parts you hate.

I love writing descriptions. The more vivid, the better. The scenes and characters I have in my head are intricate and colorful, and there’s nothing more fun than thinking up ways to translate that visual into words so other people can enjoy those images, too. I also adore writing dialog, especially the snappy, back-and-forth kind without too many tags. That being said, what I hate has to do with dialog, too. Back-and-forth lines are great and all, but eventually you’ll need something to identify the speaker and keep the reader from being bewildered all to heck. After writing the initial dialog, I then have to go back and plug those tags into the least awkward places possible, while trying not to be redundant or interrupt the flow of the conversation. I always end up rewriting it fourteen dozen times, anyway, so I don’t know why I’m so careful. Such is the life of a perfectionist.

How do you overcome writer’s block?

Through pain. Well, in actuality, I don’t have any 100% foolproof way of busting through it. I have different types of writer’s block; sometimes it’s a lack of motivation/inspiration, and sometimes it’s a lack of direction. I can either sit there and stare at my fantasy novel and go, Gee, I sure wish I had the brains to finish this chapter, or I can just scroll through my folder of WIPs, overflowing with the desire to actually write something, dang it, but not know what I want to work on, and nothing I try seems to fit. To get over either kind, I listen to the playlists I’ve made myself, usually while drawing, or I read a novel from the genre I want to work in. I also have a group of characters I made up for the express purpose of writing about when I can’t write, to sort of punch my way through that wall. It’s kind of like yanking out your own tooth without anesthesia, but it actually works quite well a lot of the time.

Are you working on something at the moment?

Gracious me, yes. I’m always working on something. At the moment I have a mostly completed novella I’m going through, a trilogy I need to revamp, a fantasy novel, a fantasy novella, a murder mystery, an I’m-not-sure-what about mental illness, a Greek mythology-inspired novel, a mountain of fanfiction, and a slew of short stories about different crap we won’t go into. All of them and none of them have priority. When I feel like working on something I just kind of close my eyes and point.

Writing goals this year?

To publish my novella (if you have a bored editor in your back pocket who wants something to do, let me know), and once it’s out there get another of my stories ready for publishing. I’d also like to expand this blog a little bit so my weekly posts are something more than boring. Then I want to marry a young millionaire who closely resembles Robert Fuller, win the lottery, and live in a giant, cat-filled castle in the misty hills of Ireland like Enya. Not necessarily in that order.

And we’re done! If you’re a writer and want to try this tag out, have at it. If you’re not a writer but still want to try this tag out, go ahead I guess, but I’m not sure what good it’ll do you. Perhaps your end goal is beyond my ken.


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