Jewelry appreciation post!

I’m not the most girly girl to ever grace this planet, but I do love my jewelry. Mostly necklaces, because I snap bracelets, lose rings, and don’t have my ears pierced. But that is a tragic tale of woe that we don’t need to get into, because the point of today’s post is this:

This necklace, the packaging this necklace comes in, and the people who made this necklace are all awesome. Brooke of Low Expectations and her sister have started an Etsy shop and their products are positively darling. I am a sucker for all things positively darling, so naturally I had to go look and then buy something.

First off, the package was indeed purple. I mean, the video on Etsy actively shows it being purple, but perhaps, subconsciously, I mentally downplayed said purpleness and thus it came as a surprise. Either way, it was an instant win in my book. They could have sent it to me empty and I would have still been happy. You can see in the pic where I’ve already ripped it open like a savage, because if you think I was going to wait the thirteen seconds to snap a photo of it before seeing what was inside, you’re insane.

The envelope itself was so pretty and whimsical I spent a good three minutes trying to figure out how to open it as delicately as possible so I didn’t tear anything. Luckily, the butterfly sticker was just gentle enough the paper didn’t rip, so I almost couldn’t mess it up no matter how remedial I am at opening things.

Somebody has nice handwriting. I ought to take notes, except I wouldn’t be able to read them. I am pleased to see, however, that at least my capital Ls are similar, so there may be hope for me yet.

And there it is! Ain’t she pretty?

The assistant intervenes. If I am taking pictures, she must be a part of them. Cat logic. She was also displeased to find out that none of the packaging was edible.

Action shot! I gave up soon after and popped open a can of Friskies. For the cat, not for me.

And there you are! This necklace is so simple and so pretty, it goes with almost my entire collection of turtlenecks so vast and obsessive that it’s second only to your average U-Boat captain’s wardrobe. It doesn’t go with all of them, of course, which is a hint that I should just get more that do match. As if I need another excuse.


3 thoughts on “Jewelry appreciation post!

  1. Thanks so much for the appreciation post! Glad you love it! And yes, that’s definitely my sisters writing (my handwriting is rather scrawly so that eliminates me from being a packager scribe). Glad the package did not disappoint with its purple-ness.
    Tell your cat that I believe she is a wonderful model as well as yourself!

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