Unsolicited Music Appreciation

Because it’s February and I have no idea what else to do, I thought now would be a good time for a random post about one of my favorite musicians, whose birthday happens to be on the 25th. You may know him as the most suave, dignified member of The Beatles.

Ah, yes. That’s the one.

Anyway, have some favorite George Harrison songs of mine, be they ones he wrote, ones he sang, or ones where he just awkwardly sat on a couch while wearing a cowboy hat.

To be fair, this was an interview.

And because February 1st is actually Don Everly’s birthday, and it’s a heinous crime to ignore Don Everly, have a few of my favorite Everly Brothers’ songs, too.

The Beatles with the Everly Brothers. I will let you puzzle out which is which.


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