These Scars

I love these scars
These wand’ring lines
Some knotted, dark
Some silken, fine. 

They speak of pain
Of life well lived
They mark the years
Of take and give.

They mark mistakes
And deepest sins
When sadness fades
And hope begins.

Some turn away
When first they see
But what they fear
Is what made me.

The cages built
Of one’s own mind
Are hardest yet
To leave behind.

The lessons carved
With sharpest knife
Are lessons learned
For one's whole life.

I felt my pain
I paid my toll.
What broke me most
Has made me whole.
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9 thoughts on “These Scars

  1. You’ve got the right idea! Scars are the ‘take and give’ marks of a full life. It’s a great topic, especially the scars are ‘what made me whole’ idea. I liked your poetic ‘wand’ring’ lines. My favorite verse begins, The cages built … . I can easily identify with that sentiment, as I find myself in a few cages of the mind of my own! Have to say this though about the hands … anybody we know?

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    1. Thanks! Overthinkers such as myself often get stuck in those mental traps, so I figured I had better pay homage to those struggles before I second-guessed myself and made a whole other mind cage about it to get bogged down in. I can think of a few people I wouldn’t mind seeing those hands on. Whoever they belong to, I hope they’ve got a lot of Band-Aids.


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