Give Me The Words

Give me the words
The patience to lead
Give me the love
To help hearts as they bleed.

Give me one moment
To dry just one tear
One year in a lifetime
One day in a year.

Don’t let me linger
When I should move on
Don't let them suffer
When I’m finally gone.

Give me the wisdom
To know I don’t know
Give me potential
To learn and to grow.

Give me five seconds
To fix what I’ve wrought
Give me a heartbeat
To learn what I forgot.

Help me to walk
When my legs will not stand
Help me comprehend
What I haven’t planned.

Help me and heal me
Let me walk if I’m lame
Show me compassion
That I might do the same. 

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8 thoughts on “Give Me The Words

  1. It’s beautiful. So like The Serenity Prayer, but completely new and vital. The first verse encapsulates the rest, and I love the last line of it, Give me the love, to help hearts as they bleed. What a great sentiment! First-rate poem! 🙂

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