Things I Learned From Rat Patrol

Real men wear goggles

Nobody actually ever sweats in the desert

The Allies never lost a battle ever

It’s okay to look at the sun as long as you’re hopelessly lost

There was only one British guy in the entirety of North Africa during the entire war, and that’s okay

*lonely English noises*

Berets can actually look cool as long as Gary Raymond is wearing them

Jeeps never run out of gas

The best battle plan is a battle plan so brainlessly stupid nobody in their right mind would ever try it except a mental patient–utter moron–literal genius Troy

Wile E. Coyote was a captain in the Afrikakorps

Who was there, Sarge, you or me?

There are SS guys everywhere

There are so many eagles going on in this photo I don’t know what to say.


As a bonus, Moffitt addresses this Sturmbannführer not only as “Oberst” but as “Herr Oberst”, so no wonder this guy is looking at him funny.

The term “all right” actually has no Rs or Ls in it

You don’t have to be tall to be cool

But you’re actually cooler if you’re tall

Germans literally have the worst aim ever

All DAK soldiers are legally blind 

All jeep drivers own at least one hairdryer, which they keep with them at all times so they perpetually look their best

Machine guns can blow up heavily-armored tanks with little to no effort 

Who said TV couldn’t be educational?


2 thoughts on “Things I Learned From Rat Patrol

  1. This is a very impressive array of Rat Patrol that is both humourful with its narrating and hilarious with its pictures. Great job texaslass!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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