Combat! episode review: The Hostages

Well, Happy Day-After-the-4th of July! After a full schedule of being patriotic about the best country on Earth, I was bingeing one of the best shows known to man (three guesses what it is) and decided to write this about one of the episodes. I've done Rat Patrol, I'm planning to do Rawhide, so why … Continue reading Combat! episode review: The Hostages

Paradise Lost: Snippet the Second

Back by popular demand (okay, like one person asked): another installment of my sci-fi story, Paradise Lost. “Year 2134, Day Twenty-Three, Cycle Nine.  Commander Eliot Holt reporting.  After forty years of absence, the lost Pleasure Port Paradise has finally returned to a detectable orbit around the yellow dwarf Taurus III.  Exploration Team Echo-One, comprised of … Continue reading Paradise Lost: Snippet the Second